martedì 28 giugno 2011


It´s a long time that i don´t write on my blog, like you could see in the pictures i´m pregnant again, 33 weeks actually, so happy,it is a really wanted pregnancy.
During this journey i become a single mother, not easy in the beginning, been left and cheated with no respect could be heart breaking especially while you are pregnant, but after a while i realized that is just a step in my new life, time to change my self and turn in something better. And i ´m so lucky to be surrounded by lots of friends, other mums and family, i ll never thank them enough for her material and lovely support
Motherhood is such a spiritual journey and practice and you have to left back and far away all the negative person and elements in your life.
Since the beginning i know it would be another girl, and finding a name was easy Tilda Joy, Teresa is so happy about her sister, specially since my belly start to grow, Teresa start to speaks with her sister...shout at her " cannnn youuuu hear meeee I´m Tereeeesa" and loves to feel her sister kick and pushing. I m so proud of Teresa she will be the bigger sister, with some jealousy in the beginning but we are talking a lot about how much i love her and that she will be my baby forever and we will be a great inseparable trio.
I ´m organizing a home birth, i found an amazing midwife, Katharina , she make me feel safe in good hand, she is a professional midwife but we also become friend in this 9 months. I found out that me and my midwife have a really similar background, from the punk hard core, from the squot and etica. So i m focused on my home birth, read lots of book doing some sort of meditation. I recommend to every mom to be to buy Birthing from within written by Pam England, a good guide and instrument for focus on a natural non-pharmacological birth.i ll write more on my next post.