lunedì 19 settembre 2011

don´t throw that away

Enjoyng last sunny days we had a great satuday, we went to a recycling workshop for kids
organized by X-Lab, one of the coolest Art Gallery in Berlin( if you are in Berlin don´t miss it)
Sue Steele from Mutoid Waste Company and Kappo Kappino with plastic bottles all kind of recycling material made amazing robots with the kids.
Teresa had so much fun and learn that with fantasy and all kind of stuff you can make toys, cup or whatever you want.
Teresa already know how to separate garbage, she learned it like a game and also when we are outside she ask what is the right bin
There are a lot of books for kids from ege 3 about recycling, so buy it for your kid, give it like a present for friends or for the kindergarden, make something with plastic bottles, cork and all you want...
my dearest mom have fun and recycle und always remember a revolution can start in our kitchen


Don't Throw That Away!: A Lift-the-Flap Book about Recycling and Reusing (Little Green Books) [Pappbilderbuch

The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (Little Green Books)

lunedì 5 settembre 2011

giovedì 25 agosto 2011

the moral dilemma

Baby sheepskin (or lambskin) yes or no?
For centuries mother had wound their children in sheepskin just after the birth and here in Germany it's still a common thing, recommended by midwives, pediatricians, antroposophic clinics and -the most important- from my friend Nicolina (wich, I swear, when it comes about my daughters, she's more competent than any midwife or pediatrician). Some studies showed that sheepskin keep the baby warm and dry and it helps develop her physical and emotional skills; the heat of the wool infuses calm and induces the newborn to relax helping her sleep better.
Obviously, it's necessary to purchase skins of sheep raised naturally, not treated with parasiticides and after not whitened or igenized.
As a vegan-vegetarian for more than twenty years -like I am- that has been a hard choice. I Have thought and consider it endlesly in my head: I would have sacrifice an animal for my daughter but what kind of message would I give to my children? not a very coherent one.
I have decided for a test, someone lends me his sheepskin and, I don't know if it's just my personal impression, but Tilda Joy seems to like it. She tosses naked in it and then she falls asleep, happy. If you decide to buy one of your own, sleep in it for a few months before giving to your babyborn because the skin will imbue with your smell/parfume and your baby will feel protected.
So, today the skin is here and I feel some guilt, I hope that twenty years of vegetarianism and animalist conscience will equalizes the account with my Karma.

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

She so cute and i love her fanny faces, it seems that she loved bathing.And there is no sleepless nights , zombie-look-like days that don´t deserve this moments.
i ´m not using any kind of soap, i just use Calendula oil for a massage after the bath

domenica 7 agosto 2011

mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

from Mamma Zen writen by Karen Maezen Miller

When you drop your expectations, lose your selfishness, forget your grievances, give up your worries, abandon the plan, stop your striving, let it out, let it go, let things pass, take a breath, take a break, quite down, be still, empty your mind, open your heart, and come alive , what else is there to be but happy?

My Rollercoaster - Kimya Dawson

I like Kymia Dawson very much and it seems that both my daughters like to listen to her too.
Me and Teresa listened to The Alphabut cd 1 million times, and i think i´ll do it again with Tilda Joy

For my daughters:
I love you sweet baby
The first thing in our list of things to do
Is to wake up right next to you
Second thing that we have planned
Is to kiss both of your hands

Third thing that we'll do today
Is look you in the eye and say
I love you sweet baby, I love you sweet baby
I love you more than anything

Then we're gonna change you
Then we're gonna feed you
Then we're both play peek-a-boo
Then we're gonna read to you

Then you have more milk and have some water
And we'll smile at you and tell you we're so glad that you're our daughter
Then you'll fall asleep on daddy's lap
We'll watch MacGyver while you take a nap

When you wake up we have more plans
Say good morning baby and kiss your hands
Then you're gonna make a pee
In your little green potty

Then we're gonna eat our lunch
Mash apricots for you to munch
Then you're gonna nurse again
Then we're gonna call our friends

Then we'll dump out all your toys
Singin', dancing, make some noise
Then we're gonna take a walk
Down the street to the park
[ Lyrics from: ]
We'll play on the see-saw, play on the slide
You'll get tired and rub your eyes
Then we'll go home for more nursing and sleeping
Bouncing and nursing and waking and peeing
Crawling and bouncing and dancing and hitting
Nursing and peeing and kisses and seeing

You're an amazing human being
You're an amazing human being
You're an amazing human being
You're an amazing human being

giovedì 28 luglio 2011


Tilda Joy Villotti

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Nice fabric shops in Berlin and quilting for beginners or nerd like me ...

i made my first quilt for my friend´s baby , really really simple just 4 big pieces for every side, but for a sewing nerd like me it´s a good way to start.
i found this cute fabric and a good organic cotton to make the batting at Frieda Hain in Berlin, the shop is quite expensive but has really really nice fabrics and material for sewing
I also made a very romantic blanket for Tilda Joy , this time i buy the fabric at Frau Tulpe another nice fabric shop in Berlin

sabato 16 luglio 2011

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Fragmento del Documental "otros caminos para dar a luz"

OTROS CAMINOS par dar a luz
My midwife yesterday gave me this documentary,i found it really interesting and touching

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011


Nesting:a natural mother instinct to organize the nest for her, organizing, cooking meal to put in the refrigerator and clean again, ironing, doing laundry, shopping,making list, doing all the paper and finally clean again despite swollen feet, an aching back, and a huge belly.
I´m totally into the nesting syndrome, i keep on thinking "only four weeks to go so many things to do"
Seriously i´m also taking my time, sleep a lot, spending time on my own, probably for the last time in moths.
Teresa is spending lots of time with her father and she sleep at his place last night for the first time , i had mixed feelings about that but she seemed happy and i think she going trough all the separation stuff quite well, i speak a lot with Teresa, sincerely and even if it´s so hard for me we spent also time all together.I´m surprised how good i can handle the situation, pushing away all the negative feelings and concentrate on myself, the birth and my daughters.

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

organizing Teresa´s birthday party

Running running running ...organizing Teresa´birthday party.She will be 4 tomorrow
My daughter ask me for a huge cream and gummy bear i bought Vanille vegan cream and vegan gummy bear without sugar let´s see what i ll will create.
I´ll make some pizza and small fruits and soy yogurt cakes, friends will bring get ready for a lot of children action :)
My belly is growing huge, my midwife said that Tilda could be around 2.2 and 2.5 kg now..and i have 6 weeks to go, Teresa was almost 4kg so maybe another big girl. The first months of pregnancy were terrible, i felt to tired and the nausea killed me all the day until the end of the 4 months, nothing really worked, but with the time it goes better, i had a contraction problem a month ago for sure caused by the stress i was going trough but with a lot of rest magnesium and fuck you very much thing goes better, i gain 11kg and that´s good i fell more fit rather that with the time before..i gained almost 20kg with Teresa and i fell like a beached whale.

martedì 28 giugno 2011


It´s a long time that i don´t write on my blog, like you could see in the pictures i´m pregnant again, 33 weeks actually, so happy,it is a really wanted pregnancy.
During this journey i become a single mother, not easy in the beginning, been left and cheated with no respect could be heart breaking especially while you are pregnant, but after a while i realized that is just a step in my new life, time to change my self and turn in something better. And i ´m so lucky to be surrounded by lots of friends, other mums and family, i ll never thank them enough for her material and lovely support
Motherhood is such a spiritual journey and practice and you have to left back and far away all the negative person and elements in your life.
Since the beginning i know it would be another girl, and finding a name was easy Tilda Joy, Teresa is so happy about her sister, specially since my belly start to grow, Teresa start to speaks with her sister...shout at her " cannnn youuuu hear meeee I´m Tereeeesa" and loves to feel her sister kick and pushing. I m so proud of Teresa she will be the bigger sister, with some jealousy in the beginning but we are talking a lot about how much i love her and that she will be my baby forever and we will be a great inseparable trio.
I ´m organizing a home birth, i found an amazing midwife, Katharina , she make me feel safe in good hand, she is a professional midwife but we also become friend in this 9 months. I found out that me and my midwife have a really similar background, from the punk hard core, from the squot and etica. So i m focused on my home birth, read lots of book doing some sort of meditation. I recommend to every mom to be to buy Birthing from within written by Pam England, a good guide and instrument for focus on a natural non-pharmacological birth.i ll write more on my next post.