giovedì 28 luglio 2011


Tilda Joy Villotti

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Nice fabric shops in Berlin and quilting for beginners or nerd like me ...

i made my first quilt for my friend´s baby , really really simple just 4 big pieces for every side, but for a sewing nerd like me it´s a good way to start.
i found this cute fabric and a good organic cotton to make the batting at Frieda Hain in Berlin, the shop is quite expensive but has really really nice fabrics and material for sewing
I also made a very romantic blanket for Tilda Joy , this time i buy the fabric at Frau Tulpe another nice fabric shop in Berlin

sabato 16 luglio 2011

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Fragmento del Documental "otros caminos para dar a luz"

OTROS CAMINOS par dar a luz
My midwife yesterday gave me this documentary,i found it really interesting and touching

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011


Nesting:a natural mother instinct to organize the nest for her, organizing, cooking meal to put in the refrigerator and clean again, ironing, doing laundry, shopping,making list, doing all the paper and finally clean again despite swollen feet, an aching back, and a huge belly.
I´m totally into the nesting syndrome, i keep on thinking "only four weeks to go so many things to do"
Seriously i´m also taking my time, sleep a lot, spending time on my own, probably for the last time in moths.
Teresa is spending lots of time with her father and she sleep at his place last night for the first time , i had mixed feelings about that but she seemed happy and i think she going trough all the separation stuff quite well, i speak a lot with Teresa, sincerely and even if it´s so hard for me we spent also time all together.I´m surprised how good i can handle the situation, pushing away all the negative feelings and concentrate on myself, the birth and my daughters.

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

organizing Teresa´s birthday party

Running running running ...organizing Teresa´birthday party.She will be 4 tomorrow
My daughter ask me for a huge cream and gummy bear i bought Vanille vegan cream and vegan gummy bear without sugar let´s see what i ll will create.
I´ll make some pizza and small fruits and soy yogurt cakes, friends will bring get ready for a lot of children action :)
My belly is growing huge, my midwife said that Tilda could be around 2.2 and 2.5 kg now..and i have 6 weeks to go, Teresa was almost 4kg so maybe another big girl. The first months of pregnancy were terrible, i felt to tired and the nausea killed me all the day until the end of the 4 months, nothing really worked, but with the time it goes better, i had a contraction problem a month ago for sure caused by the stress i was going trough but with a lot of rest magnesium and fuck you very much thing goes better, i gain 11kg and that´s good i fell more fit rather that with the time before..i gained almost 20kg with Teresa and i fell like a beached whale.